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Adults' Resources

Adults' Resources

  • Sexworkersproject

  • SWOP USA - National social justice network dedicated to fundamental human rights of sex workers focused on ending violence & stigma
  • APAG (Adult Performance Artists Guild)  - The goal of the APAG is to earn employee rights, set performer responsibilities, negotiate fair practices and fair wages, and help performers provide themselves with a better future.
  • SWOP Baltimore - Sex Worker Outreach Project's Baltimore chapter. Providing support, resources, & community to sex workers.
  • SWOP Behind Bars - SWOP Behind Bars provides incarcerated sex workers with resources to create community links from the inside out!
  • SWOP Tampa Bay - Harm Reduction,  Education, Advocacy, Solidarity and Community For SW & Allies by SW & Allies
  • SWOP Hawaii -  Sex Workers Outreach Project for Hawaii. We are a peer to peer organization led by current and former sex workers for sex workers in Hawaii
  • SWOP New Hampshire - Sex Worker Outreach Project of New Hampshire
  • SWOP Pittsburgh - SWOP is a social justice network focusing on ending the violence and stigma associated with sex work through education and advocacy.
  • SWOP Kentucky - Sex Workers Outreach Project for Kentucky
  • SWOP Brooklyn - SWOP chapter providing outreach, community education & peer support!
  • POC SWOP - Black-lead, Seattle-based chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project dedicated to POC voices and harm reduction in the sex trade.
  • SWOP Seattle - Seattle chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project - Ending violence and stigma against sex workers through education and advocacy.
  • SWOP St Louis - St. Louis Chapter of SWOPUSA
  • SWOP Austin Texas - Austin Texas autonomous chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project
  • SWOP Portland - Portland chapter of SWOP. End stigma through education & advocacy
  • Mass SWAN Boston - The Massachusetts Sex Worker Ally Network is a Boston-based activist group advocating for safety, dignity, and self-determination for all sex workers
  • SWOP Kentucky - The Kentucky chapter of SWOP
  • SWOP Minneapolis - The Minneapolis chapter of SWOP
  • COYOTE RI - Coyote RI (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) provides counselling and legal referrals for sex workers, and assistance in leaving sex work for different careers.
  • SWOP Sacramento - Sex Workers Outreach Project Sacramento is social justice network dedicated to upholding the civil, labor and human rights of sexworkers and their communities
  • SWOP Orlando - SWOP ORLANDO seeks to protect the health and safety of folk in the sex trade
  • SWOP Detroit - Peer lead support & camaraderie focus in the Detroit area.
  • SWOP Los Angeles - Los Angeles chapter of the Sex Workers’ Outreach Project SWOP USA | Dedicated to empowering those in the sex trade and ending stigma and violence
  • SWOP Sacremento - The Sex Workers Outreach Project- Sacramento is a California State social justice network dedicated to reducing harm, improving healthcare, and upholding both civil and human rights of sex workers and their communities.
  • SWOP Michigan - SWOP MI focuses on safety, dignity, & diversity of Sex Workers. Peer lead support & camaraderie
  • SWOP Chicago - Sex Workers Outreach Project Chicago is a grassroots organization dedicated to improving the lives of current and former sex workers in the Chicago area, on and off of the job.
  • POC SWOP - POC SWOP's main focus at the moment is direct outreach to street-based sex workers via Green Light Project.
  • The Black Sex Workers Collective - Black Sex Workers Uniting to provide financial & emotional support & training for under-served groups of sex workers & the LGBTQI community
  • Urban Justice Centre - UJC's Sex workers project engages in legal services, advocacy, education, media, and organizing to build a movement to protect the human rights of sex workers.
  • Project Safe - Project SAFE is a grassroots, direct-service and peer-based advocacy organization of: women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and trans people in Philadelphia’s sex trade.
  • SAFE Philadelphia - SAFE believes in every woman and gnc persons’ right to health and well-being as well as in their competency to protect and help herself and their community.
  • Bay Area Workers Support - Advocating for the health, safety & livelihoods of Bay SWers through direct support & community organizing.
  • Decrim Now DC - A collective of Black + brown sex workers, organizers + allies building safety for people in the sex trades in DC
  • Desiree Alliance - Social justice org of current & former sex workers in coalition w/ national & global allies working for human, labor & civil rights for all sex workers
  • Red Canary Song - Grassroots collective of Asian sex workers — for migrant justice. Labor rights not police raids.
  • Sex Workers Project - SWP provides direct legal & social services to sex workers & survivors of human trafficking, advocating for safety & rights.
  • SWWAC - A coalition of Winnipeg-based sex workers, activists, researchers and health professionals promoting the human and labour rights of sex workers.
  • Molly House Project is a community of bois, men, and trans folk changing the way we talk masc* people in the sex trade.

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